A family fitness legacy with Nate Pennington

An interview with Nate Pennington, a fitness coach, musician, and firefighter, about his home in Panama City, Florida.

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“I’m located in Panama City, Florida. Born and raised here in the Florida panhandle. I work full time as firefighter/EMT and part-time as an entertainer (musician) and online fitness coach. Born in to a middle class caucasian family with Christian values (father was a pastor). I still lead my family after the example of Christ the way my parents did. I had a 10+ year stint of competitive bodybuilding but now put my nutritional and training focus on health and longevity.”

Nate Pennington
What are some of the places that have most felt like home for you?

The Florida panhandle.

When home is going really great, what does it look like and feel like? How do you feel?

It feels as if I’m in a movie. Or a reality show, haha.

What are the things that throw your homelife sideways? How do you feel when that happens?

We are a very active family and love to be outside. One thing that drives us a little stir crazy is rainy weather making us feel trapped inside the house, but we try to use this time to embrace a slower pace, watching a family movie, working on a puzzle or playing card games.

What are important daily, weekly, or regular rhythms important for you to keep a great homelife?

Being present and intentional as a father and husband. Exercising, good nutrition, prayer and scripture reading are also daily non-negotiables.

What’s a prized possession of yours or one of your favorite home purchases?

Last year my wife and I decided to invest in a pool. Money well spent as it encourages the whole family to not just be together but be together outside in the fresh and sunshine.

What's one thing you do or unique hack that helps you in homelife?

With a couple of teenage daughters who like to spend time on their phones, my wife and I have a “charging table” in the hall way where they are to place their phones every night by no later than 8pm.

This allows them to be disconnected from media and more connected as a family as we wind down the day. It also means they don’t lay in bed with their phone before they go to sleep and they must first get out of bed before using it again the following day. We hate the idea of a phone being the last thing we see and the first thing we see every day.

Nate was a remarkable source of wisdom in fitness and nutrition—especially full of insights about how to raise a family with physical health in mind.

Thanks for the interview, Nate!

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