A home for holistic fitness with Bart Walsh

An interview with Bart Walsh, a fitness coach, about his home in Australia.

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I'm the head coach of Jetts fitness in Australia. We have 180 gyms in Australia and growing fast. We have also just started our own podcast!

Bart Walsh
What are some of the places that have most felt like home for you?

Wangaratta. A small town on Southern Australia where I grew up. It's slow, calm and simple. As life should be!

When home is going really great, what does it look like and feel like? How do you feel?

It feels calm and peaceful. Home is sacred to me, so we strive to create a stress free environment where possible.

What are the things that throw your homelife sideways? How do you feel when that happens?

Out 10 month old son!

We are not too precious when our routines go awry. We just lean in and control what we can control.

What are important daily, weekly, or regular rhythms important for you to keep a great homelife?

Night time routines are a big one. Waking up at the same time everyday helps too. But we are also very active, so being able to get out of the house as a family every weekend really sets up out week.

What’s a prized possession of yours or one of your favorite home purchases?

My shakti mat. It's an acupressure mat that really helps my nerves calm down, as they are often excited due to my condition. It's a lifesaver when I can't turn my brain off.

Bart is a deep thinker and so naturally invested in others’ growth as a coach. He gave great insights on home fitness from a holistic angle—beyond just physical fitness to the whole person. Take a listen to the recorded interview!

Thanks for connecting across the globe, Bart!

Until next time,

– Matt Barrios (LinkedIn, Instagram, & Twitter)

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