Insights from neuropsychology for home with Dr. Gina Schneider

An interview with Dr. Gina Schneider, a licensed psychotherapist and executive coach, and her home in San Diego County, California.

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I am a licensed psychotherapist, author and executive coach. A coping skills expert with more than 25 years experience helping people manage difficult emotions and interpersonal conflicts.

Dr. Gina Schneider
What are some of the places that have most felt like home for you?

I love my home State of California. In Southern California we are close to the beach, desert, mountains, and a vibrant city life. I also feel at home in the Sierra Nevada mountains and Northern California with the majestic ancient redwood trees.

When home is going really great, what does it look like and feel like? How do you feel?

My husband and I enjoy our Friday night happy hours on our deck where we can watch the sunset and hot air balloons floating in the clouds. We also love weekend jam sessions with our musical friends.

What are the things that throw your homelife sideways? How do you feel when that happens?

Whenever anything breaks, needs replacing, or we have to have repair people in the house it feels disruptive to our normal flow.

What are important daily, weekly, or regular rhythms important for you to keep a great homelife?

I love to take walks in the local canyons, or workout at home. A mix of indoor and outdoor activity keeps me feeling balanced.

What’s a prized possession of yours or one of your favorite home purchases?

We love our music room. Over the years we have amassed a lot of instruments. Many of our friends play. It feels like a dream come true to have a dedicated room where anyone can come in and pick up something and make music.

Dr. Schneider was a lovely person to interview—full of insights on neuropsychology, mental wellness, raising children according to their uniqueness, and the value of music for development!

Thanks for your wisdom, Dr. Schneider!

Until next time,

– Matt Barrios (LinkedIn, Instagram, & Twitter)

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