Play the hits on a sick day

Top 3 articles and podcast episodes

There’s a horrible stomach flu going around San Francisco, and we caught it!

That said, I had no time for a proper newsletter this week, but I don’t want to leave you hanging. In fact, it might be a great time to play back some of the hits!

So here are the 3 top articles and 3 top podcast episodes!

3 top articles

Let’s say you’re feeling stuck, but you don’t know why. Here’s how to observe what’s going on and find interesting ways to make a change in your homelife!

Homelife’s more than just 2 words smooshed together. Let me tell you more…

After splicing and dicing interviews with folks around the world, here are the first 3 big insights.

3 top podcast episodes

3. Why homelife?

The intro episode that started it all on “Homelife for Extraordinary Impact” podcast.

2. Brian Jacobsen, Danish wood furniture designer

A fascinating interview on Scandinavian design style and the differences between homes in Denmark & the U.S.

1. Melika’s home in Iran

What is life like for a woman born, raised, and living in Iran?

Until next time!

– Matt Barrios

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