Running experiments on your home with Kate Pincott

An interview with Kate Pincott, a product designer and coach based in Sussex, England.

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“I’m a mindset coach for product designers I help them to listen to their intuition and find their voice. I do this remotely based out of a little cottage in Sussex UK next to a forest. I wrote and founded a self coaching syllabus to help designers prototype their lives to become better designers. By applying the ‘lean’ loop to their careers they can same a lot of time, energy and enjoy the continuous discovery process of self to become more aware, more creative and confident.

Why bother? I believe the only way we will solve the climate crisis is if the problems solvers if this world speak up and have space to innovate instead of copying other companies with a cookie cutter approach that lacks authenticity or risk. I want to see an army of creatives get in touch with their authentic voice and rise up to be decision makers and influencers of the innovations we desperately need to happen fast to support the climate crisis.”

Kate Pincott
What are some of the places that have most felt like home for you?

Lisbon Portugal with sea, mountains and sun. Warm of weather and people. Lower stimulus, spaciousness and permission to just be. The Being part of human being often gets lost.

In my garden, when I can hear birds, see animals, smell leaves, touch the grass and each home grown herbs randomly as I walk up to it.

Places that afford random spontaneity.

When home is going really great, what does it look like and feel like? How do you feel?

Clean calm and zen.

It is a music studio/ photography studio/ workshop/ art gallery/ music lounge/ office space.

It is flexible, modular, adjustable and fluid. Where it serves my creative expansion like a womb space. It doesn’t limit or contain me but it offers me possibilities; in terms of space, nature, tool, materials, privacy, silence, music, socials etc

I can follow my intuition, move my position, change chairs, change lights, textures and music. Being multi sensory is very important because this is what grounds me in my body and in the present moment when i listen to my senses.

What are important daily, weekly, or regular rhythms important for you to keep a great homelife?

Sleep is sacred. Must be in bed by 9pm we aim for 8pm to start the quieting down process.

Morning meditation and reflection makes sure I’m calm and that I can be calm for others I work with.

Mixing inside and outside as much as possible no matter the weather to add movement, green and fresh air into my day.

What’s a prized possession of yours or one of your favorite home purchases?

An outdoors Egg shaped basket chair on our patio under a roof allows we to swing in a cushioned seat suspended from the ground. In this way I am held and can float which is very relaxing and makes me metaphorically feel supported and ‘held’ by the universe - it’s a constant reminder of how nature looks after us for me. It’s like a nest to feel safe and grateful.

I mediate here. I listen to my intuition here and have some of my best ideas as flow from this spot.

What's one thing you do or unique hack that helps you in homelife?

30 min of ‘me time’ is non negotiable.

It could be to reflect, to meditate to walk but I make it a priority so that everything else comes second.

It used to be a nice to have when there was spare capacity. But this approach meant I always had a trajectory to burnout which doesn’t help your family or team.

Starting with 30 min to myself i am grounded and can help others even on the most packed days and be constructive.

Kate could not have been more of a delight to interview! Her musical voice and steady insightfulness took us to extremely interesting places in the recorded interview—such as the power of running experiments on finding good boundaries between home & work.

Thanks for the interview, Kate!

Until next time,

– Matt Barrios (LinkedIn, Instagram, & Twitter)

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